Our Approach

We support developers of digital health products with all questions regarding market access, reimbursement and clinical studies on Germany and the major European markets. Germany in particular offers a very interesting market for digital innovations that have been proven to help improve healthcare.

In addition to the inclusion of such an innovation as a digital health application (DiGA) in the DiGA directory, other reimbursement channels exist, such as selective contracts with health insurers or reimbursement rules for products used within the hospital. 

We have extensive knowledge of the German healthcare market, have a great deal of routine in the areas of application and evaluation, have broad knowledge in the planning and execution of clinical studies, and are well versed in the negotiation of reimbursement models. Our experience and our broad-based team enable us to bring digital innovations to market quickly, sustainably and economically. 

Digital Health Apps in Germany

Market Access and Reimbursement for Digital Health Apps in Germany
New, expanded edition with additional information on digital nursing care apps.
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Digital Health Apps in Germany