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Today, Real World Evidence (RWE) has advanced to the point where companies are increasingly considering its utility for managing their healthcare products throughout their lifecycle. Acceptance by regulators worldwide has increased, and payers are also increasingly turning to RWE to justify decisions about reimbursement of a healthcare product. RWE is being used to identify patient populations, more closely align studies with patient needs, size future markets, and generate evidence for regulators, payers, and patients. IGES can leverage its expertise with Real World Data in all of these areas. We have a multidisciplinary team that brings together the perspectives of RWE strategy, market access, epidemiology, biostatistics and data science, and clinical trials. Based on this, we can bring our clients' innovations to patients faster and in a more targeted way.

Our Services
IGES Digital develops robust, flexible approaches to real-world data and evidence collection, analysis, and application.
Our strength is a deep understanding of the entire lifecycle of a digital health product. This starts with strategic issues in analyzing the market and in planning the clinical trial design for the HTA process. We use real world data for the full spectrum of digital health products, medical devices, diagnostics and combination products. Our solutions are focused on safety, efficacy and value generation. We support with:

  • Clinical trial design
  • Monitoring and data collection
  • Insights and recommendations on the use of real world data in European HTA procedures and innovative value-based reimbursement procedures.
  • New ways to generate evidence for digital therapeutics.

For more information about IGES RWE, please contact us:

IGES Institut
Friedrichstrasse 180
10117 Berlin
P: +49-30-230 809-0

Digital Health Apps in Germany

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Digital Health Apps in Germany