The challenges for developers of DiGAs and DiPAs in accessing the German market

DiGAs and DiPAs are considered milestones in the digitization of German healthcare and the German market is certainly interesting for new digital innovations.

For many developers of digital health solutions, important questions arise in leading a digital health innovation to success in Germany:

  • What is the best way to go about launching and reimbursing digital solutions in Germany?
  • How do I establish my product among the competition, and which competing products will be coming onto the market soon?
  • How can an established pharmaceutical or medical technology company provide better care to patients and stand out from the competition through a digital health solution? 
  • What regulatory obligations must be observed?
  • What are the requirements for demonstrating the benefits of a product?
  • Which clinical studies have to be conducted so that a digital product can be prescribed by physicians?
  • How can an established pharmaceutical or medical technology company create the best possible digital health solution with external software developers? 

IGES Digital takes a holistic view of digital innovation in healthcare and offers comprehensive, sustainable answers to questions like these.


Digital Health Apps in Germany

Market Access and Reimbursement for Digital Health Apps in Germany
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Digital Health Apps in Germany