IGES Group

The IGES Group consists of the IGES Institut and its affiliated companies. IGES Institut is the core of the IGES Group, it is the largest and oldest division of the group.

IGES Institut was founded in 1980 as a university spin-off. Today it is a major independent, privately-owned organization for research, consulting and development in health care and other sectors of general public services like mobility and education.

Its analysis and consulting portfolio includes issues of supply, quality, financing as well as the organization of competition in public services and public infrastructure.
Superb factual and methodological competence is the foundation of IGES Institut’s work approach. For varying fields of work, IGES Institut can rely upon a broad range of data sources, either its own or those of other institutions. More than 2,000 projects have been completed successfully in over 40 years. Its clients include virtually all relevant public and private organizations: federal and state ministries, institutions of the public administration, industrial organizations, service companies, industry and trade associations as well as NGOs.

IGES has six subsidiaries:

  • HealthEcon, providing European market access solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, based in Basel, Switzerland
  • CSG Clinische Studien Gesellschaft, a full-service CRO, based in Berlin
  • IMC clinicon, providing consulting services for hospitals, based in Berlin
  • AiM - Assessment in Medicine, providing market access and reimbursement services for the medical device industry for Germany, based in Lörrach, Germany
  • DeviceAccess, providing market access solutions for the medical device industry with a particular focus on the UK, based in Southampton, UK
  • Meditech Access, providing market access solutions for the medical device industry with a particular focus on France, based in Versailles, France

Together with the IGES Institut, these companies form the IGES Group, which employs more than 180 experts from life sciences, economics, and statistics. In total, lGES Group completed more than 4,000 projects.

IGES works closely with Optimax, a provider of health economic solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry based in Southampton, UK. Optimax is a preferred partner of the IGES Group.

For more information about IGES, please contact us:

IGES Institut
Friedrichstrasse 180
10117 Berlin
P: +49-30-230 809-0


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