Digital health solution providers need comprehensive, knowledge-based support to bring their innovations to users quickly and in a goal-oriented manner. This is exactly what IGES Digital delivers.

The specialists at IGES Digital support you in all matters relating to market access and reimbursement for digital health products. Our focus is on Germany, but we also provide these services for France and the UK through our subsidiaries there. 

Our approach
IGES Digital helps to strategically develop the German market and other European markets. Our experts assess the market potential, analyze the competitive environment and evaluate the respective reimbursement requirements. This enables a seamless market entry. 

We take an analytical approach to commercialization and help digital health providers leverage the latest tools, techniques and in-depth healthcare knowledge to enter European markets. The result: solutions focused on quantifiable resources, highly accurate evidence, and actionable ideas.

IGES Digital supports with broad expertise and in-depth knowledge of local European markets. Our experts in Germany, France and the UK guide innovative Digital health providers through all aspects of market entry, market assessment and reimbursement. We also conduct the necessary clinical trials.  


Digital Health Apps in Germany

Market Access and Reimbursement for Digital Health Apps in Germany
New, expanded edition with additional information on digital nursing care apps.
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Digital Health Apps in Germany